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Lay one image in a drawer ... The picture shows two men rely on bicycles, one of them, lying on the face of the plan, the head of the bicycle handlebar sonimüts Muri little friend. Men's wistful glance at the door behind a pregnant wife. Those in the picture above the door, hanging the label "tree ACCOMMODATION Harju county." The year is 1928, and is pictured as a tree or Paljasmaa Alexander Sass and his wife, who is expecting her first daughter, who will be named Saima.

This small picture was a drawer in the summer of 2008 to establish the idea of re-Änglema Vihterpalu and villages in the border tree from a store named after a tree guest house accommodation. Guest House building was based on the proximity of nature, using natural materials as much as possible, which gives the house a sort of cozy and rustic interior. Tree shelter is able to organize various events, weddings and birthday parties, training sessions and seminars, Christmas celebrations and festivities and businesses, the nice gatherings with friends, and much more.


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